I know, not a very creative first post name. But basically this post is to show that Kara (me) will be going to Korea very soon (August 16). I’m very excited, but I also know I wanted to make a blog chronicling (okay, almost) everything I do in Korea because it will be my first time out of the country by myself! And also, Korea is freaking amazing, so I’m sure there will be a lot of things I will want to write down permanently!

A little self-introduction: I’m a college student from the Northeast (USA) and I will be a junior this upcoming year. I’m a theater major, but my dream is to act in films/TV shows. I love singing, ice skating, eating (BLOOMING FOODIE!), traveling, learning different languages, and meeting new people (wait, I take that back. I’ve met a lot of rotten people lately. Okay, make that ‘meeting cool new people’).

Warning: I’m a kpop addict. 90% of the reason I’m going to Korea is because of my kpop addiction. The rest 10% is divided evenly between the fashion, the food, and the amazing modern architecture. So I will be posting a lot of posts relating to said topics. I will probably try to go to as many kpop concerts as I can and try to eat as much as I can. I’ll also fill you in on my fashion and touristy endeavors.

Goals for first week in Korea:

  • Get my hair permed (also need color touchup for roots)
  • Get a cell phone
  • Get a new bank account in Korea
  • Have at least one decent conversation in Korean
  • Eat good bulgogi
  • Go shopping! I need new clothes :)
Goals for each blog post (at least once a week):
  • 1 highlight and 1 unhappy event
  • 1 foreign blunder of the week
  • 1 new useful Korean word
  • 1 cool place to visit in Seoul
And I will (hopefully) have nice, pretty pictures to accompany each post! I’m so excited!