So today we went to Seoul Comic Con 2011 (right off the Hangnyeoul station) and then Coex Mall! It was a lot of fun. I’d gone to Otakon (only the largest anime convention on the east coast) a month ago, so I wasn’t expecting much out of Comic Con, but surprisingly enough, I still had a lot of fun at the con. There wasn’t much going on (read: nothing going on), but there were two huge Artist Alleys that kept me and my friend Jei very amused.

We took pictures of sooo many artist posters…here are a few!

And then we took pictures of lots of cosplayers. Here are some good ones:

The Artist Alley stuff was way cheaper than I’d seen at other conventions, so I kind of stocked up. I bought a Miku/Vocaloid fan, a Reborn/Vocaloid folder, a cute cat mug, and a cute cat bag. I’ll update with pictures of them later.

And then we decided to go to Coex. I was so overwhelmed – it was really nice and modern inside! The Uniqlo was underwelming, though. Not that impressive. I liked the big bookstore and the many food places ^^

And at the bookstore, almost all the books were covered in plastic wrap, so we couldn’t read them. I did find one Japanese makeup book, and there were some really cute looks, below.

These are so cute, aren’t they? I want to look like that ^^ Makes me want to go to Japan. Okay, it’s like 4 AM now…going to sleep! See ya!