I’m feeling a bit better since the sad blog posts I’ve made this past week. Life has been slightly better/easier, and it’s finally the weekend, so my mood is naturally better. Good thing I’m only taking 4 classes and that I have Fridays off. Three-day-weekend every week!! So this Friday, some friends and I decided to visit the Hello Kitty Cafe in Hongdae and explore the area a bit. Hongdae is a bit like Myeongdong and Apgujeong but less expensive, I think. There are a lot of food places, shops, but mostly, it’s known for its popping night life. There are tons of bars and clubs everywhere in Hongdae, and it’s where all the young people spend their nights. But we came to Hongdae to visit the Hello Kitty Cafe, and it definitely did not disappoint me. The pink abound was kind of overwhelming actually.

We got drinks and this cute bread cake thing.

We went shopping around Hongdae.

I got naengmyeong (cold noodles) for dinner. The scissors were a bit disconcerting.

And then my friend Jei was craving non-Korean food, so we went to a burger joint. It was really cute!

I’ll definitely be going back to Hongdae soon because I hear there’s a lot of clubs that are free on the weekdays. See ya <3