More like a life stump. I’ve started school again, and I don’t know if I’m glad I’m a bit more busy now or a bit annoyed I generally have less time to study Korean.

The weird thing is that there are actually a lot of Koreans in my school, but they always travel in packs, and I don’t have any classes with them (I’m a Media major, I mean, maybe I should just change my major again to Business or something =____=), so it’s awkward to try to make friends with them. – End pointless interjection –

I’ve more or less readjusted to life back at home, sad to say, a life removed from excitement and intrigue :( Another random rant – I’m planning on going to the SM Global Audition in two weeks at NYC, so if any of you guys reading right now are planning on going as well, please let me know so that we can meet up! It would be good to have mutual support ^^ Instead of singing, I’m actually considering doing a monologue…I’m going to be so nervous omg lol

Anyway, my main point in typing this post today is to talk about a source I think is kind of awesome for helping learn Korean. And the source of the day is – K-pop Lyric Videos! The ones I’m talking about are the ones with hangul, romanization, and English translation, like so:

This is the first k-pop song I ever loved, back when I first discovered k-pop in the summer of 2009. I was a hardcore E.LF, seriously. I had “It’s You” on repeat for forever. The lyrics are actually surprisingly easy, using relatively easy vocabulary and grammar. I can understand 95% of it without the English translation, which makes me almost proud of myself. If I had started learning Korean back when I first discovered k-pop, just think of how good my Korean would be now…oh well, no point dwelling in the past.

But this Youtube user is really amazing – I’m not sure if it’s a girl or guy but I will assume it’s a girl – all of her videos have really pretty and mellow backgrounds to accompany the songs, so the video isn’t distracting. I have all of her songs on my ‘Watch Later’ list, so I just have it on the background while it plays the whole list, so whenever I’m inspired to read the lyrics, I can. It makes learning Korean less daunting and more fun!

Time to end (almost) pointless rant of the day!