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Monthly Archives: June 2012

That’s right! My favorite Korean drama is back – with a season 2!

When I saw this news, you do not know how excited I was. Coming from the same PD team, I had high hopes that it would be as good (if not better) than the first one. Usually sequels are not as good as the original, but since this Season 2 isn’t technically a sequel (it’s a new story with the same basic premise as the first season), there’s no reason it should fall into that sophomore slump.

I just saw the first episode yesterday (on – truly the best site for subs – also the subtitler notes are too hilarious sometimes) and I was so pleased. To my somewhat surprise, the episode zipped along exactly like the episodes did in the first season. Whereas other dramas tend to lag and slow down (and even make you want to punch the screen – here’s to looking at you Sena in “Rooftop Prince”), “I Need Romance 2” has not been so aggravating. The characters are great, the scenarios are fun, and the make out scenes are just as steamy as ever (though we haven’t had any sex scenes – yet). I’m sure this season will be my latest designer drug – just have to impatiently wait for the episodes to come out and be subbed.

This season boasts some stars whom I’ve never seen on TV before. The main female protagonist is played by Jung Yumi, who has done mostly movies, but did star in the 2007 drama “Que Sera Sera.” I don’t know about you but that name sounds quite Spanish to me. Well despite her lack of drama credits, she’s a fantastic actress. Her expressions are really natural and her anger and frustration are very believable, and she’s not at all annoying (a feature common to K-drama female leads), so I think I will like this show very much.

The two main male leads are played by Lee Jinwook and Kim Jiseok, who are supposed to vie for Jung Yumi’s affections. Lee Jinwook plays the ex-boyfriend of 12 years (but it’s obvious the two still have feelings for each other) and Kim Jiseok plays the new boyfriend. It’s interesting because Yumi and Jinwook are still living in the same house after three years after being “totally over.” People just don’t do that, I’m sorry, they just don’t. The reason they broke up (five times) is because at age 30, Yumi wanted to get married and Jinwoo didn’t. It’s as simple as that, but she admits in the first episode that she loved him most and it feels like (to me, at least) that she won’t find a man she loves more (as was the case in the first season). 

But only time will tell. I can’t wait to see how the threesome interact in the episodes to come. Seeing Lee Jinwook get jealous will be fun – especially since him and Kim Jiseok are supposed to be best friends in real life. Now they get to play enemies, so to speak. Let the fun commence.