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I’m not really big on drama recaps, because they take a lot of time to write and make, and I’m more about discussing the actual story line and plot developments versus the little minutiae of what happened.

Let me start off by saying I absolutely adore this drama. As much as I loved the first season, this second season has gotten me hook, line, and sinker. I don’t think I’ll ever love a drama (in whatever language) as much as I love this one. I’ve also been watching “Big,” but that drama just doesn’t get me in the heart or the gut. “I Need Romance” gets me everywhere. It’s a drama that absolutely, completely understands me and the complexities of the human heart.

I like discussing this drama based on relationships, rather than by episode, so I’ll start off with the season’s OTP:

Yeolmae + Seokhyun

What Yeolmae says about Seokhyun:

“This man, who exists to be the most distant and strangest person, sometimes approaches me , in an uncomparable way, as the closest person to me. I like that about this man. The reason why I got back with him five times after breaking up with him five times was because I loved that about this man.”     

These two…they have so much backstory that I don’t know where to start with them. I’ve never had a 12 year-long relationship with any guy before, but I’d imagine it would be amazing. In the case of these two, it’s having grown up together, having broken up many times but having gotten back together an equal number of times, still loving each other despite full knowing each other’s flaws and ticks (and not necessarily positive ones).

Yeolmae states many times (to herself) that she loves Seokhyun and that she has never stopped loving him in their long 12 year relationship. She’s just like any other girl – she gets angry when he ignores her due to his own emotions and inability to express himself and she gets jealous when he flirts with other girls. What more can we expect from her?

In the last episode (6), we see that she goes to great lengths to find out if Seokhyun actually, truly loves her. He’s often affectionate towards her, but his eyes wander, so it’s no surprise she wants a definite answer from him. Hell, if a guy was playing around with my emotions like that, I’d want an answer too! But no matter what she does, Seokyun will not budge and tell her his true feelings. As the audience, we know that he loves her. We know that he looks after her when she’s not looking, and I like that in a guy. He’s does things for a girl but doesn’t tell her – he’s not the type to boost his ego by taking credit of every nice thing he does for the girl.

The one gripe I have to the Yeolmae character is that she feels the need to marry by the age of 30. As the audience, we can see that that was one of the biggest obstacles in Yeolmae and Seokhyun’s relationship. He loves her but he doesn’t want to get married. She is scared of being alone forever (I mean, she had invested 12 years of her life with this one man!), so she wants some stability. Personally, I don’t think making it legally bound (aka getting married) makes a relationship any better. If someone’s going to have wandering eyes when you’re just dating, they’re going to have wandering eyes if you’re married. It’s as simple as that. I think in the end Yeolmae realizes this – that marriage doesn’t define a relationship. It’s each other’s commitment that does, and she has never had a definite answer from Seokhyun. I can understand where she’s coming from. She’s not desperate; she just loves the man and she needs an answer from him. What’s desperate about that?

The one thing I really liked that Yeolmae did is that she jumped into the water, holding her breath under there, and said she wouldn’t come up until Seokhyun gave her an answer. I honestly thought that would persuade him to actually say SOMETHING but no, he just walks away! What if she had drowned, you jerk? I think he knows her well enough to know she’s not going to let herself drown, but still, cold-hearted much?

I think the series is hinting that we’ll continue to see more inside Seokhyun’s brain, which I’m really looking forward to. Right now, his character is a real enigma. His actions and his words are contradictory; his actions speak more to the fact that he does love her and his words are cowardly, showing no commitment or definite answers. I’m really curious to see how he really feels in the episodes to come.

Yeolmae and Jihoon

This is the second main pairing of the drama. As much as I didn’t want to like Jihoon (since I liked Seokhyun right off the bat), I’m really growing to like his character. Versus Seokhyun, who seems suffer from immature artist syndrome (he is a screenwriter after all), Jihoon is calm, collected, and oozes confidence and sexiness like no other cafe owner I’ve seen. I don’t know what it is, but I can see him having chemistry with any girl…hell any guy!…or even a cat. He’s just that sexy. He lights up the screen whenever he’s on it, and we haven’t seen too much of him yet, but boy am I excited for him to get more screen time now that he’s confessed to Yeolmae that he likes her.

What I like about this show is that Yeolmae, our female protagonist, isn’t drop-dead-gorgeous. She’s petite and pretty, like many other Korean drama protagonists, and the guys know this. Jihoon basically states outright (to the audience) that she’s not very pretty and that she doesn’t have a very good figure. He also said that she was on the short side. So the guys aren’t after her due to her stunning good looks, which makes me like these guys so much more. The guys have respect for her and aren’t just after sex. Good to know.

We haven’t seen too much of this couple yet, but it’s interesting to see the backstory between the two. Jihoon met Yeolmae when he took a guitar class and she was the teacher. She didn’t really recognize him, but years later, she ended up taking a coffee class where Jihoon was the teacher. Cool reversal, huh? Jihoon says that Yeolmae is his “fate girl” – not sure what that means, but sounds interesting.

Jihee and Her Jerk Boyfriend & Taewoo

Sorry, I legit forgot the jerk boyfriend’s name. But he really doesn’t even deserve to be mentioned by name, because from now henceforward he will forever be dubbed “The Jerk Boyfriend.” I don’t even know what to say about him, because he really is like the lowest of scum without cheating (hope he hasn’t been doing that!). I mean, what kind of boyfriend forces his girlfriend to have sex and then complain that she’s not making it fun for him? And then he goes ahead an installs a mirror above her dresser so he can see the two from an aerial view while they make out. What the hell???? He’s simply out of his mind. Dude, I know that you’re sick of “not getting any,” but indulging in your sick fetishes is just downright gross. Do the girl a favor and dump her, because she’s so scared of you she doesn’t have to courage to do it herself.

In comes in the Knight in Shining Armor, Taewoo. Granted, he’s not that perfect, which is probably a good thing. I don’t really find him very attractive (there’s just something about this face), but he’s like a million steps up form the Jerk Boyfriend, so I really don’t mind. Jihee’s character is definitely my least favorite out of the female trio, mostly because her character is the most naive and is such a pushover. She just lets her Jerk Boyfriend stomp all over her, and then when it comes to a guy that’s actually decent to her, she’s nothing but ungrateful towards him. What gives, girl? You need to come to your senses and realize who’s actually worth keeping in your life and who needs to go, go, go? I’ll give her some more time to figure out her life before I totally lose faith in her character.

Jaekyung and Cheating Husband & Jeongmin

Out of all the characters, I identify most with Jaekyung. She’s basically your ballsy, go-getter girl and she doesn’t take any bullshit. However, as strong as she is, she caved and married a rich announcer instead of the man she loves, Jeongmin. Actually, I might actually do the same thing in the future. I identify with Jaekyung because she’s very ambitious and stops at nothing (not even love) to get what she wants in life. If that involves marrying a man of means, it might as well be a done deal.

However, her husband has been cheating with her from day one, and as a woman in Korea, she has a lot fewer options than a man in the same situation would. Her husband is a well-known announcer, similar to level of a chaebol or a famous politician, so a scandal would most definitely be caught by the press and their breakup would be very damaging to the person the public deems to be in the wrong. In this case, Jaekyung’s scheming (and I hate to say it, but smart) husband beats her to the chase and frames her and her lover Jeongmin for cheating, while he tells the public that “suffered a lot because he truly loved her.” That’s what you get for having a lot of money and power, huh?

In the end, I’m glad Jaekyung was brave and faced the press like a champ and said that although her husband provided her with everything, she loves another man. Such bravery. And the advice came from none other than Seokhyun, who seems immature given his interactions with Yeolmae, but is actually incredibly intelligent and insightful. He basically said that although she’s the one who will be met with criticism and although it will be difficult, she has to overcome it by proving her competence and good character to everyone she meets. (Think of it as catching Hilary Clinton cheating on Bill. She would be met with dirty looks everywhere she goes in America. Korean society just doesn’t give women the same leeway it gives men, but that’s a story for another day). Jaekyung’s the one who was the good better person by not giving in to her husband’s scheming ways. She doesn’t have to feel any guilt for what happened. Her dignity is left in tact. And her husband? Forever burning in hell for his unforgivable actions. The drama basically implies that we humans don’t have to try to play the Grand Judge: karma will eventually come to bite those who are evil.

So that ends my rather long analysis of the relationships in I Need Romance, season 2 (up to episode 6). I’ll probably do another one of these at the end of the season, just to keep from making y’all bored by reading too much of my nonsense. And if you haven’t seen the drama, watch it here :)

That’s right! My favorite Korean drama is back – with a season 2!

When I saw this news, you do not know how excited I was. Coming from the same PD team, I had high hopes that it would be as good (if not better) than the first one. Usually sequels are not as good as the original, but since this Season 2 isn’t technically a sequel (it’s a new story with the same basic premise as the first season), there’s no reason it should fall into that sophomore slump.

I just saw the first episode yesterday (on – truly the best site for subs – also the subtitler notes are too hilarious sometimes) and I was so pleased. To my somewhat surprise, the episode zipped along exactly like the episodes did in the first season. Whereas other dramas tend to lag and slow down (and even make you want to punch the screen – here’s to looking at you Sena in “Rooftop Prince”), “I Need Romance 2” has not been so aggravating. The characters are great, the scenarios are fun, and the make out scenes are just as steamy as ever (though we haven’t had any sex scenes – yet). I’m sure this season will be my latest designer drug – just have to impatiently wait for the episodes to come out and be subbed.

This season boasts some stars whom I’ve never seen on TV before. The main female protagonist is played by Jung Yumi, who has done mostly movies, but did star in the 2007 drama “Que Sera Sera.” I don’t know about you but that name sounds quite Spanish to me. Well despite her lack of drama credits, she’s a fantastic actress. Her expressions are really natural and her anger and frustration are very believable, and she’s not at all annoying (a feature common to K-drama female leads), so I think I will like this show very much.

The two main male leads are played by Lee Jinwook and Kim Jiseok, who are supposed to vie for Jung Yumi’s affections. Lee Jinwook plays the ex-boyfriend of 12 years (but it’s obvious the two still have feelings for each other) and Kim Jiseok plays the new boyfriend. It’s interesting because Yumi and Jinwook are still living in the same house after three years after being “totally over.” People just don’t do that, I’m sorry, they just don’t. The reason they broke up (five times) is because at age 30, Yumi wanted to get married and Jinwoo didn’t. It’s as simple as that, but she admits in the first episode that she loved him most and it feels like (to me, at least) that she won’t find a man she loves more (as was the case in the first season). 

But only time will tell. I can’t wait to see how the threesome interact in the episodes to come. Seeing Lee Jinwook get jealous will be fun – especially since him and Kim Jiseok are supposed to be best friends in real life. Now they get to play enemies, so to speak. Let the fun commence.

In Young

I’ve been watching Korean dramas for a good many years now, and I’ve liked many of them. However, most were too bland in characters and plot, and slow on pacing, so I dropped most of them. I admit, I watch mostly romantic comedies (I’m a girl and a romantic – who can blame me?), but most Korean romantic comedies, I’ve found to be – pretty tame and simple. No raw emotions, no real internal conflict, just – either class struggle or some kind of external pressure to make the main couple go through turmoil. I Need Romance, however, doesn’t need any of that to make its story work. The premise is very simple – we follow In Young, our heroine, go through the latter half of a long ten-year relationship with her boyfriend Sung Soo – and her tremendous heartbreak at his increasing alienation, his cheating ways, and their eventual breakup. It sounds sad, and parts of it are incredibly sad – but it portrays modern love so realistically, that you can absolutely relate. Many have toted it as the Korean Sex and the City, but since I haven’t watched SatC, I can’t make an accurate comparison. However, what I can say is that I Need Romance is itself a great piece of television, and one of the better Korean dramas I’ve seen in several years.

We know at the beginning of the drama that In Young’s boyfriend Sung Soo has cheated on her with a much younger woman. The first several episodes is about In Young neurotically going over scenarios in her head of her boyfriend’s signs of showing infidelity: having a girl’s hairpin in his car and then imagining a crazy chain of events that could lead to the girl’s hairpin flying out of her hair and landing in the backseat (crazy stuff, I tell you!). If it weren’t for the clever pacing, the likable characters, and the way actress Jo Yeo Jung handled the rather (at first) flimsy character of In Young, I probably wouldn’t have stuck with the drama. But Jo Yeo Jung is so charming and winsome in this role that I can’t help but feel bad with her. The rest of the drama is carried on her very capable shoulders, so if you don’t like the actress, chances are, you won’t like the rest of the drama either. But seriously, I’d be surprised if you didn’t like the lead actress. Please comment below if you didn’t.

If you read further, there will be spoilers, so if you want to enjoy the drama without me ruining the ending for you, go watch the drama and then return to this post and read the rest of the review. Happy viewing!

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