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My love for k-dramas runs as long and epically as k-dramas themselves tend to run. Here’s a short list of all the k-dramas I’ve watched (and those attempted). As you can tell, I have a major habit of not finishing dramas.

Ratings system – borrowed directly from Javabeans – first number is how much I liked the drama (10 is highest) and the second number is how good I think the drama is objectively.

I Need Romance (9, 8) – Read My Review
You’re Beautiful (10, 9)
Boys Over Flowers (8, 6)
Winter Sonata (8, 7)

Watched partly (and would like to finish):
City Hunter (tight direction, suspenseful)
49 Days (novel fantasy concept, love it)
Brilliant Legacy (Han Hyo Joo is wonderful, and Bae Soo Bin *o*)
My Princess (too much fun to pass up)
Personal Taste (cute premise)

Attempted (and have no interest in finishing):
Scent of a Woman (main guy is too stoic for my liking)
Playful Kiss (KHJ, I love you, but no)
Baby-Faced Beauty (hate the weak heroine complex)
Dream High (too many idols)
Fantasy Couple (something about Han Ye Seul here ain’t clicking with me)
Mary Stayed Out All Night (What a mess)

Feel free to comment on my ratings and comments! I will update later with more in-depth reviews for the dramas I’ve watched to completion.

2 Comment(s)

  1. James Hwang

    September 15, 2011 at 5:31 am

    How have you not seen any of the ones that I’ve liked/loved…

    Heartstrings (it’s short and interesting story line)
    Athena (and/or IRIS || but I love the action and storyline)
    Secret Garden (truthfully, didn’t like it but love the OST)

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