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Let’s be honest here. K-pop isn’t what anyone would call good or refined music. It’s generic, over-processed music for the masses. And yet it’s wildly addictive. Here’s my breakdown of which groups have it and which ones don’t.

Can I just say that I hate it when k-pop groups go to Japan to promote the same songs that made them popular in Korea, except translating those songs into Japanese? They almost always sound terrible in Japanese (especially the faster songs). I like you k-pop groups in Korea. That’s why it’s called k-pop.

My all-time favorites:
Boy group: SHINee (newly-minted Shawol here)
Girl group: f(x)

Rising boy groups I see potential in:
NU’EST (Their debut concept is really working for them)
EXO (Who isn’t excited to see what SM’s new brain child will do?)

Rising girl groups I see potential in:
EXID (Weird name, but I liked their debut song)
Ailee (Not a group, but she’s amazing, she’s going to go really far)

Established boy groups:
Big Bang (loved Haru Haru and Lies era, but currently lacking spark)
2PM (a tad overrated, but always good music & strong dancing)
Super Junior (my first k-pop love, music has become too much of the same)
DBSK (loved the 5, sad with only HoMin remaining)
JYJ (I like how they’re composing their own songs, but it’s not the same as the 5)
SS501 (loved them to the end, MVs were sometimes awkward though)
Epik High (such a breath of fresh air, love the rap/instrumental/singing combo)

BEAST (used to be a bigger fan, now a little bored because they’ve been inactive)
MBLAQ (their MVs are a little theatrical for my liking, though the members are hilarious)
Infinite (love them sans 2 members, don’t really like the earlier songs but lately it’s good)
Teen Top (feel like a pedo-noona; catchy songs; and L.Joe is eye candy)
B1A4 (again, the pedo-noona thing; songs are not as catchy)

Established girl groups:
SNSD (they’re adorable, but it stops at that – no real talent here)
2NE1 (personally find them overrated, but like their originality)
T-ARA (slowly liking them more and more, but their company is horrible)
4Minute (debut was strong, losing originality due to plethora of girl groups)
KARA (they’ve been around a long time, but I see nothing special)
Wonder Girls (liked Nobody and Be My Baby but as people I find them boring)
Jewelry (kudos for being the longest-running girl group! but get better songs)

Sorry I can’t comment much on the latest girl groups. There’s just very few that catch my eye. New girl groups these days are getting majorly trumped by new guy groups, just saying. I think the huge fangirl population >> fanboy population, and they’re still preoccupied with SNSD, so new girl groups are majorly lagging in popularity these days.

Underrated/Watch out for:
Seo In Guk (Check out his new MV, Shake it Up)
Kim BoKyung (Sang OST song for City Hunter; another great single)

1 Comment(s)

  1. K-Phenomen

    March 21, 2012 at 3:37 am

    lol interresting
    you rigth when you say that
    my favorite groups are : 2ne1 because they’re strong women , with big personalities :D, Cl is my favorite i love her eyes .
    By the way the 5 DBSK really miss me a lot :(
    I saw 2PM at a concert in Paris they were incredible lol i usually don’t like them but now I’m in love with them loool

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