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This is my desk! I’m sitting next to the balcony (which isn’t very big, but you can walk out and see the city line). There’s a wardrobe to the right.

This is my desk, a bit unorganized at the moment, but it gets great sunlight! And the chairs are rolling; they’re pretty stylish :)

This is Christine, one of my suitemates. We have bunk beds! Warning: the bunk beds are a bit low, watch out for when you sit up – you might hit your head!

This is my wardrobe/closet. It’s pretty spacious, with not quite a full-length mirror. There are two rows of drawers on the bottom, and plenty of closet space. They don’t provide any hangers, so bring you own or be prepared to buy some. There is a convenience store right next door to CJ on the campus, so that’s a plus.

We’re off to a bus tour of Seoul soon, so be back later!