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Okay, so living on a mountain makes life slightly inconvenient every day when you’re trying to get to places. Make that really inconvenient. And since I have to walk up that hill every single day, I have devised ways to make that hike less unbearable.

Behold my four commandments of walking up Mt. CJ (without hating your life)

1. Walk up at a slow and steady pace. Don’t worry about the losers zipping up the hill. They are feeling the heat as we speak.

2. And this is the most important one: Do not walk on the paved black part in the middle of the walkway. Walk only on the unpaved cement on either side, preferably the right side. The paved black road has more pushing back force, causing each of the steps you take to have an equal pushing back force, which results in increased fatigue.

3. Take a GS25 break in the middle of the hill, if you must.

4. It is easiest talk walk up the hill on an empty stomach. I’ve noticed this several times – if I walk up the hill without having eaten anything or having digested food a while ago, the walk is rather easy. But if I have just recently eaten a meal, walking up the hill becomes ridiculously more arduous. Worst is if you are walking up the hill while eating. I would say never do this (I’ve done this a lot of times, and each time I regret the decision lol).

And those are my commandments for conquering Mt. CJ! And if you have more suggestions, please put them in the comments box and I will add them to the list :)

Today and tomorrow (September 23 and 24) are the KoYon (Korea University and Yonsei University) annual sporting games – and the school spirit runs high. I am beginning to feel that the school games back in the States are nothing like the games here. I am preparing for the worst. I will come back with updates!

But I just wanted to give you guys some dose of daily k-pop. Below is the music video of JYJ’s “Get Out,” their latest song. It is an upbeat song with a typically visually appealing MV.

And if you want a ballad alternative to JYJ, here is the MV for “In Heaven.” This song is absolutely heavenly, and I’m not even kidding one bit. It’s amazing. It’s love. And so is the MV. Watch it :)