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Last week, my new semester started, so I’ve been kind of busy. I still try to study a bit of Korean everyday, and I think I’m improving a bit, but it’s still hard trying to understand natural Korean dialogue. Yesterday I found this interview of Kevin from U-Kiss conducted in English and Korean, and it was a good exercise trying to understand his and the interviewer’s Korean, because both of their native tongues are English (so their Korean is a bit slower than native Korean speakers’). I still can’t understand everything, but I think and intermediate level Korean learner would be able to understand most of it. Means I still have a long way’s to go!

Tomorrow I’m going to a Korean Language Exchange meet up, so hopefully it will be good and I’ll be able to practice my Korean. I really haven’t been able to practice speaking Korean to people lately, since I no longer live in Korea. Lately, I’ve been speaking Korean to my dog when I walk him, because it feels better than talking to no one at all, but he doesn’t understand anyway, so I don’t feel inhibited from speaking Korean wrong.

Next week I’m finally starting my Korean language class! It’s not at my university; it’s at a separate institution, it’s 10 weeks, twice a week, and we’ll be working off the textbook Integrated Korean Beginner 2. I looked through the book a bit, and I know a bunch of it, but I think it will be good review to reinforce the grammar and vocabulary I’ve learned in the past couple of months. I’ll update you guys on how it goes ~

Hope your Korean learning is going well!

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