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It’s official: I just never get any sleep here in Korea. And you know what? I’m used to that fact. I’m just going to be constantly tired, and that’s okay with me, because I’m going to be leaving in just over a month. And there’s still too much left to do.

Lately I’ve taken a sort-of part-time writing job for this Korean pop culture website, and though I don’t have the job yet, I have to say I really enjoy writing again :) Writing in this blog is a really nice release and I can just write whatever the hell I want on it, but it’s nice to see my (good) writing published once again. I realized how much I love writing – it is still one of my greatest passions – and I think I will continue to pursue it, as I pursue my other passions.

I just rediscovered my love for singer Kim Bo Kyung. The girl can fucking sing. Unlike the kpop stars these days who can skate by just by staying on tune, Kim Bo Kyung has a mighty good voice. I’ve been following her for almost a year now, ever since her Haru Haru/Brand New Day days (her first mini album). She showcased her fantastic belting voice then, and in City Hunter’s OST, her song Suddenly was just amazing. I had it on repeat for god knows how long. And I’m sad to say that I just discovered her latest mini album, called Growing. The title song, 아파 (It Hurts), is fucking brilliant. Sorry for cursing so much in this post, but I’m kind of like head over heels in love with this girl’s voice. It’s the voice I’ve always, always envied growing up. I wanted to be a singer for the longest time, and if I had to choose, I would take Kim Bo Kyung’s voice over anyone else’s…except maybe Kelly Clarkson. Bo Kyung really admires Kelly Clarkson and people have dubbed her the Korean Kelly Clarkson. Here, listen to her latest song and you dare tell me her voice isn’t amazing!

I just found Kim Bo Kyung’s fansite. On it, it lists her upcoming schedule and there’s a concert on Monday and you can bet on your house, your horse, and your father’s entire family that I will try my best to go see her perform. Otherwise, I will just go see her perform at Music Bank next Friday. Either way, I’m gonna go see this girl live before I leave Korea. She has been such a long-time inspiration of mine for me not to see her perform.

Anyway, fangirling over Kim Bo Kyung aside, I just remembered that City Hunter has the most beautiful cinematography. And oh wait, what was a big part of that? The shooting locations. Seoul is so beautiful – there are so many parts of it I still haven’t discovered that I need to explore. One of them is the Seoul Color Park (서울색공원). I found this great thread for pictures. Gorgeous, right? Gonna put it on my bucket list.

There’s that place that I saw in City Hunter that I’ve been just dying to go to….and I just can’t find the name of it. If you watch this video, it’s the place that Lee Minho and Park Min-young go at the beginning of the cut…they’re standing on this bridge overlooking a high-speed bypass. It’s beautiful…and I need to find where it is, so I can go, if even for several minutes.

On the other hand, I received my first role here in Korea. It’s for a student film, and I’ll be speaking in English (thank goodness!). I think I’ve developed quite a thick skin for auditioning and rejection over the years, so I’m not as excited as I would have been years ago, but I’m still very excited to work on this project. I’ll update you guys on it as I have more information, and I might even post the final product on here :)

As for my Korean, I am improving steadily day by day. I can actually speak in broken sentences and convey basic ideas and feelings now! Even though my Korean is still very broken and my vocabulary is very much limited, I feel like I’ve made great progress and this success is helping me feel like I can keep working hard toward mastering the language. I can officially check of the ‘Have a conversation only in Korean’ as of today! I had two Korean conversations today :) 好好学习,天天向上。Chinese proverb, hollaback at ‘cha.