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…and I’m stuck waiting at Incheon Airport all by my lonesome! I cried for my knight in shining armor to come rescue me…and it’s been over an hour and I still don’t hear galloping coming my way…going to crumple up in a ball now and cry some more…

But seriously, I thought I’d have my study abroad program team waiting for me at the airport once I arrived. And they are nowhere to be found. Nowhere. And since my cellphone doesn’t work in Korea, there’s no way I can call them (not that they have a phone number in Korea anyway, so lose-lose situation). So…I’m stuck here waiting by myself for the next three to four hours. LOVELY.

At least Incheon has really nice free wifi. There was this guy who approached me, probably because I was looking really tired and annoyed having difficulty push my baggage cart, and I didn’t understand what he was saying, so I said, “Hangungmal chal mottaeyo.” And he’s like, “Ahh…Jipon?” And I’m like…”No, Miguk” LOL I’ve never met anyone who thought I was Japanese. Well there’s a first for everything.

UPDATE: So I just found the other girl from my flight! She was just as lost and confused as I was! FUCKING A MIRACLES DO HAPPEN!

UDATE #2: So I’m in my dorm at CJ International at Korea University! It’s 6 AM on Wednesday morning, August 18, 2011. I’m wide awake because I got soo many mosquito bites during the night! Good thing I brought anti-itch cream because I’d seriously be bitching all day about it.

My room is share with another girl (a double) and we share bunk beds (I got the bottom bunk). We’re in a suite with another double room and a single room. CJ rules are that there are female and male only floors, so you can’t be caught on the wrong floor. I’ll post pictures of the room later, because right now my roommate is sleeping soundly!

Here’s my update with pictures from the airport!

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